Vermont’s House and Senate Pass Bill to Regulate Treated Articles (May 2016)

Effective July 1, 2016, Vermont will begin assessing the impact of treated articles on human health and the environment and may regulate how these products are sold, used, stored and disposed. Recently passed legislation (H-0861) allows the Vermont Secretary of Agriculture, Food, and Markets to establish a Pesticide Advisory Council that will review treated articles in pest control programs.

The Code of Federal Regulations defines a treated article as “an article or substance treated with, or containing, a pesticide to protect the article or substance itself.” These types of articles can include industrial products such as paints containing pesticides, consumer products such as shower curtains that are treated with antimicrobial pesticides, and agricultural products such as seeds.

Based on their findings regarding treated articles, the Pesticide Advisory Council will advise the Executive Branch of State government on programs, policies, and legislation concerning these products if they present a dangerous risk or are found to cause adverse effects in humans, animals, or the environment.

For more information see: EPA’s Applicability of the Treated Articles Exemption to Antimicrobial Pesticides ( and Vermont Bill H.861 (

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